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MacHTTP-js 1.0.25 available

Dec 072016

Another minor feature and bug fix are available for download from Changes include:

- New Features:
   - Added UPnP Time To Live setting in the Settings dialog, which 
   controls how frequently MacHTTP-js requests a UPnP port mapping
   for your server port from your router. Don't set less than 120 seconds
- Bug Fixes:
   - Reordered UPnP logic to reduce call frequency and reduce socket
   exhaustion issues on some operating systems

MacHTTP-js 1.0.24 Released

Nov 292016

This is a quick bug fix release to address a somewhat critical bug that kept MacHTTP-js from properly launching on Macs that had sharing disabled in System Prefs.

v. 1.0.24, 2016-11-30
- Bug Fixes:
- Added a work-around for DNS look-ups that failed on Macs that don't have
some sort of sharing enabled in System Prefs. If nothing is shared, then
the Mac cannot resolve its own host name. Substituted the primary IP
address of the server for the host name as a work-around.


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